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Just Bare Slow Cooker BBQ Chicken

Unlock the secrets to mouthwatering BBQ flavor with our Slow Cooker BBQ Chicken recipe featuring two unique ingredients: guava paste and malted soda. These hidden gems start by infusing a unique sweetness into the dish, evolving during cooking, to offer a subtle umami note sought after by today’s discerning cooks.

Potato chip recipe can be found here.

Marry Me Chicken

There are several stories about the origin of the name ‘Marry Me Chicken,’ but our two favorites stand out: The first tale takes us back to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s proposal dinner, where this delectable dish stole the show, making it a memorable moment in their love story. The second, a charming anecdote of New York Times editors savoring a bite and one of them exclaiming, ‘I want to marry that chicken.’ Whichever story you choose to believe, one thing is certain – this creamy, sun-dried tomato and Parmesan-infused recipe will leave you head-over-heels in love with its irresistible flavors.

Roast Spatchcocked Chicken with Herb Spice Rub

Try this delicious recipe for a flavor packed Roast Spatchcocked Chicken with Herb Spice Rub – a delightful recipe designed for busy January days. In under 10 active minutes, transform a Just Bare Whole Young Chicken into a culinary win to feed your whole family. The secret lies in a harmonious blend of olive oil, dried oregano, red pepper flakes, paprika, minced garlic, fresh rosemary, black pepper, and dried thyme, creating a fragrant herb spice rub that elevates every bite. 

Homemade Chicken Soup from Roasted Chicken

Craving a comforting meal without any diet-busting ingredients? Try our Homemade Chicken Soup from Roasted Chicken – a nutritious dish made from the leftovers of our Roast Spatchcocked Chicken and its flavorful stock. Crafted from scratch, this dish not only dovetails ingredients seamlessly but also champions the philosophy of reducing food waste and knowing exactly what goes into the food you savor – making it a flavorful and wholesome addition to your table.

Homemade Chicken Stock from Roast Spatchcocked Chicken Remains

Make the most of our flavor-packed Roast Spatchcocked Chicken with Herb Spice Rub (or any of our roast chicken recipes) by crafting a culinary encore with our Homemade Chicken Stock from the leftovers. Waste not, want not – gather the spine and carcass, ensuring all the succulent meaty bits are reserved for another delicious creation and you have the start of a flavorful and versatile meal base.  Crafted from scratch, this homemade stock not only dovetails ingredients seamlessly but also champions the ethos of reducing food waste and knowing precisely what goes into the food you savor – because the journey to a wholesome meal starts at home.

Baked Chicken Thighs with Persian Feta and Tomatoes

Transport your taste buds to distant lands without leaving the comfort of home with our delectable Baked Chicken Thighs featuring creamy Persian Feta and juicy tomatoes. A delightful fusion of familiar comfort and exotic flair, this dish is crafted with Just Bare chicken—raised with no antibiotics ever. Elevate your home dining experience and savor the harmony of flavors in every bite. Because at Just Bare, we believe every meal can be a flavor adventure.

British Chicken Pastry Roll

Hosting a laid-back gathering this season? Spread the cheer and warmth with our Just Bare British Chicken Pastry Roll—a crowd-pleaser that effortlessly elevates any relaxed atmosphere. Picture this: the aroma of savory goodness, the sound of laughter, and the delightful flavors of our chicken, raised with no antibiotics ever. Be everyone’s holiday hero by serving up a dish that’s as inviting as the festive spirit itself. With Just Bare, you’re not just entertaining; you’re creating memorable moments.

Chicken Marbella

Step into the world of sophisticated dining with our rendition of the classic Chicken Marbella, inspired by the iconic Silver Palate Cookbook recipe over 20 years ago. Here, we bring you the exquisite flavors of Just Bare Whole Young Chicken paired with olives and prunes. Elevate your dining experience with a dish that not only delights the palate but also reflects our commitment to providing chicken raised with no antibiotics ever. Unwind at the grown-ups table, where good food meets great company. Cheers to meals that deserve a glass of wine and moments to savor!