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Natural Boneless Ground Pork

Ground Pork is commonly made of various lean pork trimmings including shoulder, butt and cushion areas. Affordable and extremely versatile, ground pork is easy to flavor with your favorite spices. Excellent for hamburgers, tacos, burritos, meat sauces, or any recipe that calls for a tasty protein filling.

Natural Pork Shoulder Butt

Pork Shoulder Butt comes from the upper portion of the pig between the leg and back. Also known as goes by Boston butt, blade roast, and pork butt. The ideal cut for braising, smoking, roasting, grilling, and any slow cooked method.

Natural Pork St. Louis Style Spare Rib

St. Louis Style Spare Ribs are a smaller portion of the traditional spare rib. Hearty and full of flavor, they are the “go to” for outdoor grilling and smoking.  As they are portioned to lay flat, they also cook well in recipes that require browning in a frying pan.

Natural Boneless Pork Loin

The Pork Loin comes from the area of the pig between the front shoulder and upper leg. One of the leanest cuts of pork with 7 grams of fat per serving*, it can be rolled and tied before cooking for a tender and juicy eating experience. Great for roasting, braising or barbecuing with indirect heat.

*Values as calculated by USDA Nutritional Facts Panel.

Natural Pork Loin Back Rib

Pork Baby Back Ribs come from the center section of the pork loin which is known for the very tender meat located between the bones. Also known as “baby back” ribs because they a much smaller than traditional spare ribs. Baby back ribs are great braised, grilled or smoked.