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Reduce Food Waste

In the culinary world, there’s a term that professionals use – dovetailing. It means making the most of every ingredient, eliminating food waste, and creating multiple meals from one product source. We’re here to introduce you to this ingenious concept with a delicious twist – Roast Chicken Dinner that becomes your new favorite Roast Chicken Noodle Soup!

It all begins with a whole chicken. Imagine a romantic date night with a beautifully roasted chicken as the centerpiece. After indulging in a fantastic meal, there’s often some chicken left, ready for a second act. But instead of merely reheating, we’re taking it up a notch.

The remaining chicken, gently pulled from the bones, becomes the star ingredient for a rich and flavorful chicken soup made from bone stock. This is where the magic happens. Those chicken bones that might have ended up in the trash are now transformed into liquid gold that can be used in countless recipes – soups, risottos, or sauces.

So, you get a memorable date night and a bonus – a homemade, golden-hued chicken stock, all while being a savvy chef who reduces food waste. It’s a win-win for your family’s taste buds and the environment.

Click below for the double-duty recipe that will guide you through this dovetailing process and make your date night truly special. Let’s savor every moment, and every delicious drop.

Roast Spatchcocked Chicken with Herb Spice Rub

Homemade Chicken Soup from Roasted Chicken