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Wraps At The Ready

A wrap by any other name is a …

Is a sushi roll a wrap? Is a burrito a wrap? Is a wrap a sandwich? So many questions, such philosophical intrigue. The definitive answer to all of the above is, well, all of the above. One person’s wrap is another person’s pita sandwich. What makes wraps so special is literally what you put into them. Each is a present waiting to reveal its wonder.

Roll with the good stuff. 

The idea of wrapping food in other food is close to genius. Functional, portable, delicious — there are countless starting points to get the ingredients, flavors and nutrition you want. Leafy greens appeal to veggie lovers. Tortillas are classics, and corn tortillas provide a gluten-free option. And what about nori, the thin sheets of seaweed often used in sushi? Think of nori as a blank canvas for capturing new masterpieces in the making.

Fusion by addition. 

This new recipe for Nori Sushi Burritos has it all. Here, you’re taking cues from California, home to both Japanese and Latin food traditions. Why not make a burrito with nori instead of tortillas? It’s fusion by addition and combinations all your own. The crisp saltiness of the nori pairs well with the mild flavors of the poached chicken, rice and other fresh ingredients within. You can even add a dash of sriracha for a burst of heat. Or try Hoisin sauce, spicy mayo, hot mustard/wasabi or gochujang.

Rapt and delighted.

Wraps are always at the ready and go where you go. Put Nori Sushi Burritos on your dinner menu this week at home. Or take a couple to work for lunch. Or roll up a feast for a picnic with family and friends. And for more variety, consider Barbecue Chicken WrapsLettuce Wrapped Asian Chicken or Chicken Sweet Chili Spring Rolls.

Try them all, and discover new combinations all your own. This is a technique that offers endless possibilities. It’s made for it. Because after all, that’s a wrap.