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Chicken Marbella

Step into the world of sophisticated dining with our rendition of the classic Chicken Marbella, inspired by the iconic Silver Palate Cookbook recipe over 20 years ago. Here, we bring you the exquisite flavors of Just Bare Whole Young Chicken paired with olives and prunes. Elevate your dining experience with a dish that not only delights the palate but also reflects our commitment to providing chicken raised with no antibiotics ever. Unwind at the grown-ups table, where good food meets great company. Cheers to meals that deserve a glass of wine and moments to savor!

Friendsgiving Chicken – Spicy Coffee Brined Chicken

Looking for a unique dish for this Friendsgiving? Try our Spicy Coffee Brined Chicken recipe! With a captivating blend of cold brew coffee, spices, and savory goodness, this dish will both awaken and energize your taste buds.

Friendsgiving Chicken – Fall Apple Brine

Wanting to infuse some Apple flavor into this upcoming Friendsgiving? Try our Friendsgiving Chicken with Fall Apple Cider Brine recipe! With its mouthwatering blend of apple cider, maple syrup, and warm spices, everyone around the table will want a slice.

Chicken Brochette Appetizer

Elevate your appetizer game with this Chicken Brochette recipe. This crowd-pleaser combines juicy Just Bare Chicken Breast Tenders with sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts, and a zesty cranberry glaze.

Chicken Pesto Calzone

Enjoy the irresistible goodness of chicken pesto calzones: tender seasoned chicken and rich basil pesto tucked inside golden-brown dough pockets for a delicious twist on pizza.

Kale Caesar with Blackened Chicken Tenderloin

Our Kale Caesar with Blackened Chicken Tenderloin is the perfect blend of healthy and satisfying taste. This salad combines the robust flavors of blackened chicken, curly kale and creamy Caesar dressing.

Spicy Chicken Bite Nachos

Mouthwatering cheesy nachos with the spicy kick. These fiery bites will leave your taste buds tingling and craving for more.

Baked Chicken with a BBQ Glaze for a Crowd